Who we are

At Koldamov OOD we are more than just savvy, step-ahead, edge-of-your-seat guys, we are conscious experts who take pride in our work. Our team is comprised of distinct specialists with creative and effective tactics to get you what you want. From meticulous construction and plans of attack to reviewing, refining and revising – we are an interactive company that revolves around you, your schedule, your objectives, your needs.

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What We Do

Consultancy, Discussion, Brainstorming We are happy to discuss anything related to modern networks and communications with anybody. We do it with passion, desire and limitless energy. Meetings with other passionists give us a faith that everything could be done the desired way, with trust and usually followed by trusted connections. We do not have customers! We have only Partners! IT Outsourcing We will be happy if we together with you find out that we can help. From that point you are the designers of your solution. Just by throwing out ideas, wishes, needs, We will construct them into real solutions, deploy, support and educate the staff how to use them daily. We will help you to choose how to build, how to use and how to evolve arround the dynamic nature of modern networks and feel a colourfull future.

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Where we are

Where are children of the NOW. We are going everywhere where our souls and heart lead us. We follow our dreams and we lead our ideas with passion whereever it takes!

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Projects and Partners

Here you will find info about some of our projects and partner to be proud of.


Place to learn, explore and do workshops for network technologies. Place to meet people alike.

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WITmind, a partner of choice

WITmind Ltd. is a high tech company focused on IT and web solutions. It operates in Sofia, Bulgaria. Witmind Ltd. provides its clients with web and software services, specialized hardware platforms, integrated solutions, network support, solutions and consultancy.

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